Local resources:

Birdline Calgary – our local Parrot Rescue – birdline.ca

Calgary Humane Society – calgaryhumane.ca

Calgary Parrot Club – meetings once a month with other bird people- calgaryparrotclub.ca

Local Parrot Toy Stores and Supplies:

Parrot Trends – parrottrends.ca

Parrotdiseperch – parrotdiseperch.com

List of Foraging Supplies

Behavior advice:

Barbara Heidenreich – the leader in positive reinforcement and force free training, every tip and topic you can think of – www.goodbirdinc.com and www.barbarasffat.com and all the webinar recording HERE

The writings of Dr. Susan Friedman – click HERE

Pamela Clark Online – pamelaclarkonline.com

Understanding Parrots – understandingparrots.com

World Parrot Trust – parrots.org

Parrot Enrichment – free books on how to provide enrichment and foraging for your bird – parrotenrichment.com

Karen Pryor Academy – clickertraining.com

Feather Picking Resources:

Barbara Heidenreich’s webinar recordings HERE

Dr. Susan Clubb’s advice HERE

Dr. Tammy Jenkins’ advice HERE

 Additional Resources:

IAATE – the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators – iaate.org

IAABC – the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants – iaabc.org

Liberty Wings – freeflight training – libertywings.com