Who is Robin Horemans? Is she qualified?

I am a KPA CTP – a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner – an extensive positive reinforcement based training https://www.karenpryoracademy.com/

I am the co-chair of the PArrot division of the IAABC and a supporting member https://iaabc.org/

I am a Living and Learning with Animals graduate (LLA) http://www.behaviorworks.org

I have an ABA certificate from the Geneva Centre for Autism https://www.autism.net/
I am a PIJAC certified Avian consultant https://pijaccanada.com/
I have completed several courses with Dr. Susan Friedman http://behaviorworks.org/
Also with Barbara Heidenreich, an industry leader in force free training https://barbarasffat.com/
I completed Free Flight Training at Cockatoo Downs http://www.cockatoodowns.com/

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Can I bring a bird with me to the class?

YES! You are encouraged to bring a bird to class. We limit you to one bird per class. Or, if you prefer not to bring your bird you are welcome to attend solo. Or we can arrange for you to use a demo bird. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, and sets you up for success.

I’m not comfortable having my bird in a room with other birds. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! Please let me know how to accommodate your specific interests. You are encouraged to attend solo, or with a family member. You will still be able to learn all of the lessons and perhaps practice on your family member! If you are comfortable, a demo bird can be arranged for you to practice with. The handouts will also provide you with great information to take home to your bird. We are here to support your learning.

What happens in a class?

Each class is a bit different, and we will have a set of 4 core classes for you to attend. In every class, you will be set up with your own table to work at. We will start with learning theory, then you can practice a few lessons hands-on with your bird. You can ask questions at any time. The end of each class will give you some fun tricks to learn, and some homework to work on your own time. We hope you leave each class with a feeling of accomplishment and a better understanding of your connection with your bird!

Is each class an hour long?

Each class is 1 hr long. We start each class with a short introduction to learning theory, and how birds learn. Then we will teach several fun lessons. At the end of each class we will focus on something fun, like teaching a trick. Then you can take the homework and learn at home with your bird. Each class is one hour, so please be courteous when entering or exiting the space as there may be other classes beginning or ending. Thank you!

I have a specific concern, like biting, screaming, feather destruction etc. Will you be addressing any specific behaviours in the classes?

With any specific problem behaviour, it needs a specific tailored solution. We will be teaching you tools that you can use at home, and these tools WILL help in all aspects of your birds life. Time permitting, each class will have a question and answer period for exactly these concerns. But don’t be surprised if the answers are from the tools you just learned in class! If you are still having issues, please arrange for a private consultation.  Each private consultation is done in your own home over an entire evening. An analysis of your unique situation is done and a custom solution will be tailored to you and your bird.

I saw your “I <3 Parrots” t-shirt and I love it! Where can I get one?

The t-shirts are from Birdline Canada. They have both t-shirts and hoodies! Click HERE to order.