Classes are held Once a month, the first Wednesday of each month at the Highwood Community Center, 16 Harlow Ave NW , Calgary, Alberta. Space in each class is limited to 12 participants.

Bird School: for every bird owner.

Learn the basics of bird body language, and start creating a strong bond with your bird! Learn a bullet-proof Step-Up, great inter-person skills, cage games, target training and more! Set yourself up for success from the start!

Four main classes, take them in any order:

1. Stepups, going into cage, meeting strangers.

2. Targets, recall, potty training.

3. Drop it, stationing, nail trims.

4. Biting, screaming, fear responses.

Tricks and games taught in every class!

New topics added monthly. Join our email list for updates on new topics and special classes!

Taming your Tiny Dragon!

Any small bird is accepted into the Tiny Dragons program. Learn simple, gentle and effective ways to tame your budgie, lovebird, cockatiel, or other small parrot. Included a gentle target, stepup onto hand or finger, living with flying Tinys, and enjoying your Tiny. Create a bond like no other.