Supplies to purchase:

Stainless steel Skewers small med large or corksscrew

Baffle cage small or large

Acrylic maze, more mazes

Hollee-roller or Nutcase

Beads in a foraging tray

Foraging ball

Foraging drawers, hanging drawers

Foraging 4-corners spinner

Foragingblue see-saw

Foraging push/pull

Foraging treasure chest

Foraging dish with a lid small or Large

Foraging cups small clear, large clear

Foraging cardboard holder small or large or Blue

Forager – hanging for small birds

Wobbler for birds

Orange Treat Ball

Millet holder (for millet or vegetables)

Paulie rope or leather for hanging

Purchased consumables:

Wood slats

Vine balls

Adding machine paper

Shredded crinkle paper

Large tray (plant saucer) for foraging

Supplies to Scrounge:

Toilet paper roll (full or empty)

Egg carton

Kleenex (box and tissues) (full or empty)

Small cardboard box (ie Kraft dinner)

Berry Container (plastic one you get strawberries in)

Coke Bottle (plastic) (empty)

Paper dixie cups

Anything carboard in the recycle bin – beer cartons

Old paperback books

Yogurt cups (empty and washed)

Stuff-a-glove (cheap stretchy gloves filled with foraging)

Frozen icecubes (freeze fruits in icecubes)

Icecube tray of beads/rocks for foraging

Astro turf (small 12″ square tile)

Stuff for littles: foraging trays, foraging icecube trays, millet holder filled with veggies, small hanging cups, multiple food bowls, hide food in pre-existing toys

Stuff for nesting females: stay away from anything cardboar, paper, wood, or shreddable. Stick to acrylic or plastic foragers, skewers, hollee-rollers stuffed with veg, millet holders with veg, treat dishes hangin all around the cage, puzzle feeders and mazes, etc